Why Casino Lovers Will Enjoy a Trip to Lake Havasu City


If you love seeing casinos and fall from the group of casino fans, any occasion in Lake Havasu City should comprise on your own travel itinerary without neglect.

Being a casino lover, in case you still haven’t seen Lake Havasu City yet, you can start packing your bags now. Popular because’Arizona’s playground’, the city offers you the ideal gambling thrills away from the hassles of one’s daily routine. It has something or another for both serious and casual gamers, starting from cardrooms with poker or blackjack to simple slots and more.

Some of the best options to test your gaming skills in the city are:

Havasu Landing Resort & Casino: most of the visitors to Lake Havasu City opt to go to the area to do justice with their gaming soul, while the serene lake view, fresh air, and sun act nearly as great matches into the game. That is most likely the best place that provides you over 245 HAPPYLUKE slots to try your fortune with the 3-card poker, black jack, keno games, in-house and million dollar progressives, not to mention the most typical penny slots.

Gallagher’s Dining & Pub: This really is a very unique place situated from the northcentral part of Lake Havasu City by having an Irish ambience and amazing options of tasty and healthy food. Gallagher’s is the ideal spot to be, if you wish to appreciate your beer together with Irish food and lakeside gambling. The array of casino-poker games here can let you have great fun by rolling the dice and also listening into the very best karaoke music. Off-track betting is another attraction that would keep you hooked. Nothing may be more fun and relaxing in relation to the lottery pools and also live music to get a weekend away from the routines.

Another option, should you wish to move away from the city, are the Bluewater Casino by the Colorado River, which is 37 miles drive off from Lake Havasu City. This place includes a wide range of exciting casino games at any hour together with over 500 slot machines, which is sure to let you get a excellent moment.

It’s no wonder the casino fans eagerly looking forward to have some fun and explore into an entirely distinct, exciting world of games mind by droves into Lake Havasu City. Thus, when are you coming here to check out your gaming expertise and also have any pleasure, together with loving delicious food and mesmerizing beaches?

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