Onyx Cup Series Full Tilt Poker


Patrick Antonius and lots of Tilt Poker fans are delighted with coming of ONYX cup. The big event will feature lots of exciting games like no limit holdem. Other games will probably comprise more than $30 million as prize money. However, now the rules are simpler and also the top three players from each round will probably proceed ahead. With goal of lifting the match one step further ahead from the standard cycle, this particular event is asked to break new grounds without a doubt. The function is anticipated to unite teams from more than two countries, and can soon be on the must watch set of everyone.

A dozen players will start the initial round of this case in Las Vegas, NV on next week of May. Onyx cup has many fans like the elite of Poker. The cup is going to be test of skills for even the very best in the game based on this domino99 Phil Ivey.

Currently, more than two dozen veteran gamers are expected to show the relevant skills on the High Roller events. As Commissioner, Annie Duke is expected to work exceptionally well to come as strong like Federated Sports and Gambling group, the rival league. The event has lots of innovative suggestions and format as being the next league at 2011, the focus is to range from the some excitement and boost the prize money.

The complete day policy of this big event is intended through the online flow in addition to various stations within the happenings also. In the event you never want to see the late night coverage in television, the online streams are better substitute for stay connected during the occasion. With over forty countries fighting for the Onyx cup, then the event is undoubtedly likely to improve the Poker experience for backers, fans, and players to get sure.

This team is likely to show great game since they intend to generate the professional Poker league too. Lots of fans and cardholders are avidly preparing their cards for the FS+G without a doubt. The Onyx cup events are bound to have some players from the league as well as the both decide to try to give better Poker, and also reap the benefits.

Qualifying to the entire plateau is simple; many seats will be given in relation to the operation by the players in online sessions. Avid fans are anticipating strong rivalry among a number of his best Poker players in here for prize money greater than $100,000. A number of those celebrity participants at the event will contain, Gus Hanson, Tom Dawn, Phil Ivey, and Patrick Antonius.

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